Padded Underwear


Who says you can’t have the shapely figure that you’ve always wanted? Not us! Your search to find where to buy the best-fitting padded underwear has brought you here to Dream Products, where we offer this great style of butt padded underwear. Here, you can discreetly find butt padded panties to wear with all of your favorite jeans, slacks, shorts and skirts. With these padded underwear for women, there’s no need to surgically enhance yourself to get the silhouette you want.

Wearing padded butt underwear for women or men is a personal choice. This style of padded panties comes in a wide range of sizes, and they include removable pads, making it simple to adjust the level of rear support whenever you wish. Order by waist size:

S - 25”-26”
M - 27”-28”
L - 29”-30”
XL - 31”-32”
2XL - 33”-34”

  • made of 87% nylon/13% spandex with cotton panel
  • Unique design adds lift for a curvy figure
  • Helps prevent sagging pants and skirts
  • Machine wash and line dry
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