Posture Support Back Cushion


Better Posture…Less Back Pain.

Just slide this cushion in your favorite chair and relax, as it comfortably corrects your posture in 3 ways. Microbeads positioned on each side provide firmer support for the lower back; side supports cradle your spine and the cushioned base offers pressure-relieving pelvic support. Reversible 18” x 13” x 2½” polyester/cotton import is great for work, traveling or at home.
  • Support and Relief – Ergonomically-designed cushion is contoured to help provide back support and pain relief, promote healthy spine alignment and posture, reduce pressure points, and improve blood circulation, helpful for those who experience discomfort from prolonged sitting, pregnancy, bulging and herniated discs, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis and other conditions
  • Central Microbeads – Microbeads in the cushion’s center promote proper alignment in your lower back, while the sides cradle you with custom support
  • Built-In Loops – Incorporated side loops allow you to add your own ties and straps for a secure fit on all chairs
  • Versatile and Portable – Take this support cushion anywhere, perfect for long hours sitting in an office desk, kitchen chair, wheelchair, couch, car and more
  • Easy to Clean – Back support pillow measures 13 inches wide x 17 inches high x 2.5 inches thick, spot clean polyester as needed
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