Silver Steps™ Adjustable Heel Height Gel Inserts


Use adjustable height heel inserts by Silver Steps™ to customize all your shoes! You don’t need custom footwear and orthotics to experience comfort with every step you take. Simply slip these clever, cushioned gel insoles into shoes or boots for instant pain relief. These ingenious, interlocking, non-slip heel risers can be stacked for added support and cushioning or to equalize different leg lengths. The gel heel inserts are made of clear thermoplastic that’s practically invisible and firmly holds your feet in place.

In addition to everyday shoes and work footwear, you can use heel gel inserts for winter boots, high heels, athletic sneakers and much more. The insoles have a unisex, one-size-fits-most design. You get two gel insoles and six heel risers for shock-absorbing, customized comfort and a ¼” to 1-¼” boost in height, depending on how many risers you use. Help your feet feel like a dream with these therapeutic, adjustable-height heels.
  • Interlocking heel cushion design allows you to peel off layers to choose your lift, giving you a 1/4" to 1-1/4” height boost
  • Thermoplastic gel heel inserts cup your heels for a great fit, cushioned comfort and better balance
  • Set includes 2 inserts, 6 lifts and instructions
  • One-size insole for heels fits most men and women
  • Hand wash and air dry
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