Silver Steps™ Closed Toe Gel Socks


Therapeutic gel padded socks are specially designed to conform to the unique contours of your toes to optimize their fit. When you wear a gel sock with padded toes on each foot, the cushion toe sock helps to align your toes in a naturally correct position. Individual toes are separated from one another, protecting all your toes from friction that can cause painful corns and blisters. Half socks with therapeutic gel toes also cushion the balls of the feet and metatarsal areas to help relieve joint pain, pressure points and other foot problems caused by bunions, arthritis, gout and more.

These gel socks are made from stretchy, breathable material, and the closed-toe design is comfortable with or without additional socks and shoes. Get therapeutic relief by wearing one gel sock or both socks during the day or night. One size fits most. Fabric blend includes 50% cotton/30% rayon/15% elastane/5% latex. Hand wash; air dry.
  • Stretchy, closed-toe design
  • Comfortable with or without shoes and socks
  • One size fits most
  • 50% cotton/30% rayon/15% elastane/5% latex
  • Hand wash and air dry
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