Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair


Say goodbye to difficulties encountered when trying to tie traditional shoelaces with these Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoelaces. The difference between these stretchy style laces and the typical flat or round shoestrings is evident when you see how flexible they are in comparison. Classic shoelaces are fine for those who can easily bend over to complete the task of tying lace ends together. But when that same activity triggers muscle aches, irritation or pain, it’s time to move on from the old style and go with shoelaces that can be used to secure shoes without the added physical stress and strain.

These elastic shoelaces are made of durable material that is strong enough to withstand common foot movements and environmental conditions. Simply lace them onto any pair of casual shoes and tie them securely before putting the shoes on. The great thing about these laces is you can simply slip your feet into the shoes. The stretchy laces expand as your foot enters the shoe for a great fit. These stretch shoelaces are 90% polyester/10% spandex.
  • 3 pairs
  • Shoelaces streches from 24" to 58"
  • 90% polyester/10% spandex
  • No untying required
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