Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet by


Small bathrooms are notorious for having little space for storing items you regularly use. If your bathroom doesn't have a cabinet for storing essentials, or you need more storage for additional items, this slim bathroom storage cabinet is a great solution. This compact bathroom storage cabinet lets you store items you don’t want everyone to see. Need somewhere to safely store bath tissue? This slim cabinet comes with drawers that can easily hold spare rolls and more.

As slim as this narrow cabinet appears on the outside, it offers lots of storage space inside. This slim bathroom storage cabinet features two storage shelves and a convenient pull-out drawer. Additionally, you can store items inside two top compartments that are visible only when you lift the lid. The cabinet measures 7" wide x 20" deep x 23 1/4" high overall.
  • Small Space-Saver – The slim 7-inch-wide silhouette of this storage cabinet makes it a perfect fit for narrow spaces.
  • Storage Galore – Despite its compact design, this cabinet contains a spacious pull-out drawer and two easy-access compartments under the lid.
  • Versatile Uses – The slim design is great for bathrooms as well as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.
  • Stylish Looks – You’ll love the classic white color, wainscoting details and silver-tone handle on this chic cabinet.
  • Durable Design – Made with medium-density fiberboard, this storage cabinet is sturdy and built to last.
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