Snap Front Bra


Enjoy the freedom and convenience of a snap front closure with these super-comfortable Dream Products snap front bras. Our attractive-for-everyday-wear snap front bra frees you from the daily struggle of hassling with tiny hooks. Instead of wasting precious time fiddling around with hooks behind your back, you can quickly close and open the four easy snaps located on the front of this comfy bra. What this well-made snap front bra does is eliminate all of that unpleasant straining you usually go through with hook closure bra styles. Plus, there are no hard wires to deal with.

Our bra features a soft, fabric-covered elastic band at the bottom, offering you secure support. A bra that snaps in front is a convenient and cozy option for everyday use by women of all ages. These snap front brassieres are also excellent for those with limited dexterity due to arthritis or other hand problems.

Dream Products snap front bras are made of a machine-washable blend of cotton and spandex with stretch cups that fit cup sizes A to DD. Each bra includes wide back straps for additional support without digging into the skin. These snap front bras come in six sizes and three colors. Order front closure bras for seniors or anyone looking for a comfortable bra with a dream fit at an affordable price.
  • Four easy snaps help eliminate straining when you put it on or take it off
  • Fabric-covered elastic band at the bottom eliminates painful underwires
  • Wide back straps provide comfort and support
  • Stretch cups fit sizes A-DD
  • Choose size: S (30-32), M (34-36), L (38-40), XL (42-44), 2XL (46-48) or 3XL (50-52)
  • Choose color: Black, Beige or White
  • Cotton/spandex fabric blend
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
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