Songbird Flower Roll Out Seed Mat


Attract a steady stream of beautiful songbirds to your home with this songbird mat pre-seeded with wildflowers. Birds love this selection of flowers, and your lawn can become a main attraction for certain bird species during the spring and summer months. This natural garden habitat also beautifies the outside of your home, and you don’t need to have a green thumb to grow beautiful blooms.

Easy Way to Grow Wildflowers

The 20” x 60” mat arrives at your home pre-seeded with colorful wildflowers. The only work you need to do is cover the mat with enough dirt to form a proper flower bed and add water. Within a few weeks, the seeds sprout and grow into gorgeous blooms admired by birds and people.

Customize It For Your Lawn

Roll-out flower mats are made of recycled paper, and if the mat doesn’t fit, you can grab a pair of sheers and cut it to customize the mat’s dimensions to fit your lawn area.
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