Spine Align Back Brace


This pain-reducing back brace can also help flatten “muffin top”!

If you suffer from lumbar pain, a misaligned pelvis or pelvis tilt, you need to try our Spine Align Back Brace. Spine misalignment is often a hidden trigger for back pain, and that means suffering from sudden sharp pains when you move a certain way. The Spine Align back brace is specially designed to target the lower back area. It is sturdy but feels comfortable while wearing it thanks to it being constructed of lightweight material that includes a blend of nylon, polyester and spandex.

The key to an effective back brace for spine alignment therapy is correct fit, and this brace comes with an adjustable one-touch closure. This means you can always get the perfect fit to bring stability and relief to your back and pelvis area.

When you are properly aligned, this posture corrector can also help with reducing pain and inflammation in your hips and legs. Criss-cross dual tension straps provide stable support while evening the level of compression to your spine. You can rely on the Spine Align Back Brace to keep you in proper alignment, while also enjoying a flatter “muffin top” area.

Small fits waist 32” – 38”; Medium fits waist 39” – 45”; Large fits waist 46” – 52”.

For additional comfort, order the next size up.
  • Back brace designed for improved spine alignment
  • Targets the lower back area and provides support
  • Nylon-poly-spandex construction
  • Available in three sizes
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