Swing Master™


"Zero-Gravity" Exerciser Helps Improve Your Health!

Revolutionary "Zero-Gravity" Swing Master™ won't stress joints or muscles, yet one 15 minute session offers the same health benefits as a brisk 90 minute walk. Just lie down, place feet on comfy foam cushion, switch on using handy control unit and enjoy the relaxing, gentle, side-to-side swinging motion of this chi machine passive exerciser. Note: Cannot ship outside the contiguous 48 states.

Gentle Swing Action
Won't Stress Joints Or Muscles
15 Minute Session = 90 Minute Brisk Walk
Promotes A Strong Immune System
Developed By Scientists
Boosts Circulation & Increases Metabolism
Helps Chronic Back Problems & Relieves Tension
Detoxifies & Improves Digestion
Strengthens Muscles
And More!
  • This swing machine helps relieve chronic back pain and tension while promoting a strong immune system—just 15 minutes of this lay down workout offers the same health benefits as a brisk 90 minute walk
  • Easily incorporate this leg swing machine into your routine to help boost circulation and increase metabolism, you can even do it while watching tv
  • Remote control features variable massage speeds and an automatic shut off timer
  • The 15" x 10" x 11" swing master chi machine includes a 6 ft. power cord, a cushioned ankle cradle
  • For best results, use wile laying down
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