Therapeutic Hot/Cold Wrap


Vanquish pain in its tracks with our Hot/Cold Total Therapy Wrap for adults. This therapeutic shawl has a red polyester quilt design filled with natural buckwheat seeds, which are used by professional spas and salons for long-lasting treatment. Pop our hot-cold upper body wrap into a microwave or freezer following the instructions below, put it on like a jacket and feel the pain dissolve. It's specially designed to hug the contours of the neck, shoulders, back and chest with an extra-wide reach to instantly deliver the soothing, healing power of cold or hot therapy.

A hot-cold therapy wrap is a great solution for arthritis, bursitis, backache, joint pain, stiff muscles and sports injuries. You might also use it for general stress and tension relief. It has a one-size-fits-all design and can be worn over clothing or in direct contact with the skin. Since the wrap is just over two pounds, you can sit at a desk or do activities around the house without feeling weighed down. Shop at Dream Products for unique therapeutic products that help you be pain-free.
  • Therapeutic hot-cold wrap
  • Generously sized shawl-style design
  • Microwave in 30-second increments (no longer than 2 minutes total) for hot therapy
  • Add to freezer for cold therapy
  • Polyester quilt with natural buckwheat fill
  • One size fits all
  • 22.5" long x 13" wide
  • Approximately 2.1 lbs.
  • Imported
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