Toe Buddy™


Straighten Crooked Toes Painlessly Without Surgery

Crooked, overlapping toes can cause blisters, corns and calluses, which can become chronic problems. Any of these issues can make it uncomfortable or painful to walk, and that affects mobility. Fortunately, you can put an end to this needless suffering with the therapeutic, doctor-recommended Toe Buddy™ Visco-GEL® hammer toe crutch.

Much like toe separators for sleeping, this Dream Products featured selection gently realigns and straightens toes for maximum walking and resting comfort while providing instant pain relief. This is all due to the exclusive Visco-GEL cushions, designed to protect and keep misaligned toes in their correct position for all-day comfort. The Toe Buddy can be worn easily under any style footwear, and this toe corrector can be interchangeably worn on the right or left foot.
  • Exclusive Visco-GEL cushions, protects and keeps toes in their correct position
  • Gently realigns and straightens toes for ultimate comfort and instant pain relief
  • Can be worn easily under any style footwear
  • Interchangeable for right or left foot
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