Women's Extra Wide Knee High 6 pack


Struggling to find women’s nylon knee highs in a plus size? Our Women’s Extra-Wide Calf Nylon Knee Highs are made of luxurious nylon, and they are designed just for you!

Dream Products understands how difficult it can be to find extra-large knee-high socks that are fashionable and that do not include compression. You’ll be happy to know that these are not compression socks. They are regular plus size knee-high socks that you can wear as often as you like – even every day!

With built-in stretch, these wide-calf knee-high stockings are easy to put on while getting dressed and just as easy to take off when it’s time to change clothes. And unlike some nylon socks, these are sturdily constructed to last a good long time. You can feel the quality when you get them in your hand and do a stretch test.

Wide-calf knee highs can comfortably fit calve sizes from 19 inches to 25 inches. Wear them with all sorts of shoes, including open-toe styles. They are non-binding for added comfort. A pack of six includes two pairs each of black, tan and beige plus-size stockings.
  • Stretches to fit calves 19" to 25" comfortably
  • 2 pairs of each color beige, tan and black
  • 98% nylon/2% spandex
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