Write on Calendar Giant


Keeping track of important days during the month is a lot easier to do when you have this giant-sized calendar to use as a daily planner. If you’re not satisfied with those small planners that never seem to have enough space for making adequate notations, this oversized calendar is will of tremendous value.

Make a Note of Everything

Once you start using this calendar as a regular organizer and appointment keeper, you may never want to go back to regular calendar-style planners. Use it to keep track of birthdays, house tasks, work tasks, medical appointments, vet appointments, school exams, shopping days, vacation days and more.

Plenty of Notation Space

The date blocks are generously sized to give you room to write clearly. You can even separate one block into two sections, if desired. Plus, a special notations section at the top of the page for making additional notes.

Displays First Two Weeks

In addition to the month, the bottom features the first two weeks of the next month, allowing you to see upcoming items for that month. This feature can help you stay on top of what’s ahead.
  • Keep your busy lifestyle organized with our 1 year giant write on calendar. Never be late or miss another important social event, meeting or special occasion again. Each calendar page layout features large squares for daily notes and 2 weeks of the next month.
  • Previous and advancing month calendar references included in the top corner of each page to assist planning and scheduling
  • Important dates and holidays are preprinted for easy reference
  • The giant print on this calendar make it easy to read from a distance and comes with a hanging hook. 1 year calendar measures 15 1/2 in. wide x 22 in. high
  • This calendar is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Parents can easily keep track of important events for their children, record daily chores and important work events. Students can easily keep track of important deadlines for exams, papers, homework and lectures. This calendar has infinite possibilities and is bound to be helpful for any recipient.
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