Zippered Compression Stockings


You can finally wear zip up compression socks that are easy to get into! Dream Products compression socks with a zipper are an easy-on, easy-off solution for the promotion of improved foot and leg health. Designed to help reduce swelling, these zipper compression socks also help improve circulation. Are compression stockings with zippers just as effective as standard styles? They sure are!

Our compression socks with zippers are every bit as effective at delivering the level of compression you expect to see when choosing this kind of therapeutic stocking. In fact, these well-designed zipper compression socks offer gentle medium compression that helps your legs stay healthy while reducing swelling and the unwanted retention of fluids. They can also help increase blood flow while adding supportive comfort to painful muscles and joints. Our zip up compression socks can even ease varicose vein discomfort and help with the symptoms of diabetes and other nerve conditions.

These knee-high zippered compression socks have a convenient zipper on the outer leg that lets you take advantage of all the health benefits of 14-17 mmHg compression. Zipper compression socks are ultra-easy to put on and take off without frustrating, time-consuming wrestling and straining. Compression socks with zippers are also comfortable to wear under clothing and with a variety of footwear for all-day use.

Our washable zip up compression socks are made of a nylon/elastane blend and come in multiple sizes and colors. See the features below for information about available sizes.
  • Calf Circumference: S/M fits calves up to 16”
  • L/XL fits calves up to 19”
  • Length (Relaxed Measurement): S/M - 17.25” long
  • L/XL - 20” long
  • Medium compression (14-17 mmHg)
  • Zippered design
  • Nylon/elastane fabric blend
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
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