Everyday Seamless Bras by Easy Comforts Style™, Set of 3


The Everyday Seamless Bra by Easy Comforts Style™ is among the most popular undergarment items to be included in the Easy Comforts catalog of 2021. You can now find this sporty, casual bra style at Dream Products. Designed for those who prefer bras without those hard, uncomfortable underwires, this seamless bra is big on comfort while offering a smooth, attractive front that is flattering with all sorts of tops.

Made of mostly nylon, there is a small amount of spandex in the fabric to allow for sculpting your curves just right. In the front, there is soft cup support featuring a “barely there” cup-shaped outline. Underneath is strong banding that keeps the fit securely in place. If you’re tired of fussing around with back closures, this bra is sure to become a favorite. Simply slip this bra over your head, make a quick adjustment and you’re done! There are no hooks to fasten.

Wide shoulder straps stretch to fit for maximum support. One pack includes three bras in three different colors. The bras are available in five sizes: S (32–34), M (34–36), L (36–40), XL (40–44) and 2XL (44–46). All sizes stretch to fit cup sizes A–D. Each bra is made with 96% nylon/4% spandex.
  • Made with 96% nylon/4% spandex
  • Available in five sizes: S (32–34), M (34–36), L (36–40), XL (40–44) and 2XL (44–46)
  • Wireless design provides all-day comfort
  • Hand wash
  • Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or use fabric softener
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