Neuropathy Therapy Socks


These socks can help you walk pain free!

Our neuropathy socks for sleeping are a better solution than wearing regular socks to bed. Enjoy soothing therapeutic relief from their built-in gel padded soles that protect and cushion painful feet. In addition to wearing them for nighttime comfort, you can also choose to slip on these padded socks for neuropathy during the day. Why? Socks for neuropathy provide soothing comfort with every step as they reduce annoying friction that can lead to foot pain. You may also decide to wear these ankle neuropathy socks to prevent callus formation and foot ulcerations.

As a good alternative to zippered compression socks, these gel-padded therapy socks can also be worn as a tissue supplement for naturally occurring, age-related fat pad breakdown. Wear these neuropathy socks with gel comfortably with any style shoe. These imported neuropathy socks are made of washable cotton, nylon/poly, spandex and gel. One size fits most.
  • Built-in gel padding quiets burning sensation
  • Helps reduce friction, new calluses and foot ulcerations
  • Helps with age-related foot pad breakdown
  • Wear comfortably with shoes
  • Hand-washable cotton, nylon/poly, spandex and gel
  • One size fits mostImported
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