Copper Slug and Snail Repellent Tape Set of 2


Want to keep your home-grown vegetables and plants safe and edible? Unique snail repelling copper tape wraps around your pots and raised beds to protect plants, vegetables and flowers from destructive snails and slugs. It does so by providing a small electrical shock when they try to climb into the soil — just enough of a shock to let them know your gardens are off-limits. Just cut the 14.5’ long x 1” wide tape strip to the size you want, peel and stick it into place on your planters. You also can wrap it around the bases of fruit trees and shrubs.

Form a protective barrier around your treasured home-grown florals with this snail and slug repellent tape. Two rolls of self-adhesive copper tape are included, giving you 29 feet in all to prevent guests from burrowing in. Other uses for copper tape include electromagnetic shielding, craft projects and general home decoration — all at an affordable price from Dream Products.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Easy to apply
  • Set of 2 rolls
  • 14.5’ long x 1" wide each
  • Peel and stick
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